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Useful Tech Tools For New or Small Company

While small company racing with business strategy to make their business grow, lot of them operating with simple productivity tools that create so many unnecessary work to get a simple task done, start simple right ?, no if we can start better. Here are list of some tech tools that can help startups boost their productivity without having to pay much money.
Google G SuiteGoogle G Suite is a Must Have (use) for new or small company, it has lot productivity tools such doc, sheet, presentation, keep for your basic productivity and easily collaborate and access your files from anywhere even in your smartphones without needing to email back and forth just for completing a single document. Beside standard productivity tools, google also have some some tools that just make your life easier, such as Data Studio (Beta) for creating and sharing reports that can use your google sheet for data source, App Maker that can let you create customizable software without any technical knowledge, and muc…
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Start Fresh

Again, I've reseting my blog few times, and now I'm doing it again. Removing old content from my old life, old way of thinking, old interest, and now I starting it all over again.

This the part of my process that I love, its good to know that you're not standing in one place forever, ites good to know you're changing, having different thingking, having new interest, having another chapter in our life.